Concert & Events

2019 -2020 Concert Season


Our lineup includes:

Treasured Traditions On Saturday December 7 (7;30PM) and Sunday December 8 (3:00PM)

Elton! on Saturday March 28 (7:30PM) and Sunday March 29 (3:00PM)

GALA Pride on Saturday July 11 (7:30PM)

All performance will be held at Hochstein Performance Hall.

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Treasured Traditions


Saturday December 7 at 7:30 PM 

Sunday December 8 at 3:00 PM

Hochstein Performance Hall

The magical and excited anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve is something that most recall with fond memories and delight.  Those same sentiments will be yours this year as the RGMC takes you back to those charmed days through music that will transport you to happy days of childhood holiday memories.  The 2019 holiday concert will feature songs that are familiar, reminiscent, and campy. We warn you that you will want to sing-a-long, tap your toe, and hurry home to leave milk and cookies for the gay ol’ elf.  Join us for a memory filled holiday concert. 



Saturday March 28 at 7:30 PM 

Sunday March 29 at 3:00 PM

Hochstein Performance Hall

Reginald Kenneth Dwight’s music will be filling the concert hall of Hochstein this March.  What?  You are not familiar with his work?  How about by this name, Sir Elton Hercules John?  Yes, the Rocket Man!  Elton John’s music has been popular and played on radios since 1969.  The R.G.M.C., will be rocking our audiences to hits like Daniel, Rocket Man, Honky Cat, Crocodile Rick, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Your Song, Bennie and the Jets, and Candle in the Wind, to name a few. This concert will not only be epic and hugely popular with many generations but it will be a concert you will never forget! Wear your bazaar glasses and most outlandish outfit and participate in this amazing concert.

GALA Pride!


Saturday July 11 at 7:30 PM 

Hochstein Performance Hall

Legacies are an important part of who we are and our reflection on the gifts we have received, from our past, builds our future and offers hope for new growth.  PRIDE is integral to our society and the continued acceptance we seek as an LGBTQ community.  The RGMC will be kicking off the Rochester Pride festivities with our concert, again in July of 2020.  We hope our music will build bridges of understanding, acceptance and equality will increase, and that crowds will embrace the mission of our organization to strengthen our communities.  Join us for a concert celebrating our legacy and future in the LGBTQ community, our city, state, nation, and world.